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Our Philosophy

The Bruce Brammall Financial Difference

Bruce Brammall Financial is a full-service financial advice business which means we help clients look after whatever aspects of their finances that they require help with. There are three major tools that financial advisers have at their disposal to help their clients through life: insurance, superannuation and investment. Depending on what stage of life you are at, some people need help with all three, while others may only need one or two. Unlike many financial planning companies, who take on one or two aspects and send you elsewhere for the rest (or worse, just ignore them), Bruce Brammall Financial can help with all three.

We strive to go above and beyond the service offered by most financial planning companies, and provide tailored advice to achieve the best result for each and every client. There is no cookie cutter. And we don't "sell" anything. We provide advice and if it doesn't make sense to you, then we haven't done our job properly and we'll go back and start again. 


Providing you with peace of mind

We have a high degree of autonomy in being able to act in our clients’ interests and needs, which allows us to provide them with the appropriate advice. In practice, this means that if a particular product doesn’t suit you, we don't have to use them. It also provides our clients with the peace of mind that we won't be pushing our own products, because we don't produce any.

We have a very broad list of products and solutions that we can use, because of our association with our licensee, Sentry Advice Pty Ltd, who doesn't push us to use a strictly limited number of financial service suppliers. While there are some limits to what we can offer you, we have specifically chosen a licensee that keeps our options for our clients as broad as possible, with one of the broadest approved product lists that is available to financial advisers


Our Vision

Bruce Brammall Financial operates to provide financial advice that our clients want to implement in their life because it makes sense!

We aim to keep things simple. And for the things that aren't simple, we'll make sure we explain them in a way that is easy to understand so it is clear exactly why we are recommending a particular strategy, how it will work, and what results you can expect. Apart from being able to provide advice across a broad spectrum of your needs, the other qualities Bruce Brammall Financial has at its core are:

Fairness - we won't ever recommend something that is not in your best interest

Understanding - we need to know your needs deeply to provide the right advice

Tailoring - everyone's situation is different and our advice reflects that (we don't own a cookie cutter)

Protection - we want to make sure that, if disaster strikes your life, it doesn't also become a financial disaster

Honesty/Integrity - we'll go the extra distance. We'd rather lose money on a client than give them poor or unsuitable advice

Flexibility - we will help you adapt your finances as your life changes.


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